Sunday, August 30, 2020

Using a Page Marker in your Stalogy

This is the first post of my new blog and after much thought on how I should start, I decided to just jump in with an ordinary planner post <LOL>!

Up until about 4 months ago, my planners were all rings, so learning how to do things differently is taking some time.  The first thing on my planner to-do list is to figure out what kind of page marker to use.  Any page marker that I have used in the past was just pressed into the rings and it stayed where it was supposed to.

I recently laminated a 4x6 picture of my family, attached a tab, and have been using that as my page marker.  I like it, but I am always misplacing it!  I experimented with just using tabs to mark my daily page but didn't like constantly resticking it every day.

Today I came up with a pretty good idea that I am going to use for now.  I say, "For Now" because I think there is a better solution that I just haven't found yet.  I include lots of stuff in my planner, but the planning portion is always the same:  a week on one page followed by 6-7 daily pages (sometimes I combine the weekend).  I decided to mark the weekly page with a specific color, knowing that once I got to that page, my current page is close by.  At the end of the week, I will either move the tab to the current week OR add a new tab to the current week using that same specific color.

Does that make sense?  It does in MY head, LOL!  I have yet to experiment with floating tabs, which sounds like a good idea, but again I think I would probably misplace that, too!  What kind of page marker do you use?  Please share in the comments below!!


  1. Yes it makes sense and is a good idea. I am using rings at the moment but if I do go to another planner I would use this method.

  2. Okay just double making sure are you Becky from planner fun blog?

  3. Okay just double making sure are you Becky from planner fun blog?

  4. Also wanted to ask what made you change from rings to a bound book?