Friday, September 4, 2020

Unmotivated and Procrastinating? Try My Top 7!

I do not wake up feeling energetic and productive, neither am I raring to get the day started.  I wish I was that way, but I'm not.  Left unchecked, I've been known to go all day, flitting here and there, without getting anything accomplished.

That's where My Top 7 list comes in.  For me, it's 7, but you might have a Top 5 list or even a Top 10 (but I don't recommend that)!  We all have days where we feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin - that's what this list helps me do.

What's on my Top 7?
  1. meds & shot
  2. devotions
  3. make bed
  4. swish & swipe bathroom
  5. start laundry
  6. dishwasher (load/unload or start)
  7. drink water
I put "top 7" in my planner as a task to remind myself that I want to start there, and I also track the tasks on a tracker that I printed on a 3x3 sticky note.  This has done wonders for my productivity, and my household runs smoother when I am consistent.

In short, make a list of your starters.  Decide how you will be accountable (planner entry, tracker).  Start there first every day.

If you're interested in a tracker you can print on sticky notes, stop by my Instagram page.  You will find a link in the bio that will lead you to the printable.

Do you do anything similar to this to help when you're unmotivated?

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