Thursday, September 10, 2020

What is Your Planning Style?

It used to be that you were labeled either a "functional" planner or a "decorative" planner, and while I am definitely a functional planner, do I have to be only one or the other?

Since I began using a Stalogy notebook for my planner, I have a full page (5x7) available to use every morning and I definitely want to get the most out of it I can.  I do find myself attracted to the colorful Washi tape and stickers, but I can't quite convince myself to use it ahead of the current day - what if I need that room for something else?

Something that has worked for me recently is to use those things after the day is done.  What that usually means is that every morning I am decorating yesterday's page. If there is a lot of space available, I might put down a larger sticker.  Only a little space?  Maybe I will put a line Washi tape and the end of the page.  I don't feel the need to have the page all covered up, so sometimes I will leave the whitespace.  I've also been known to add a Bible verse at the end of the day, include the weather...whatever creative mood I might be feeling.

For me, I have to have a bit of order on my page, which includes having all the errands and tasks grouped together so that my eye knows where to go every time I look at my page.  That is why decorating after the fact really works for me.


  1. For me it has worked like this. I have my own collage notebook, but I like to add color to my bullet jounal at the end of the day.