Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Back in Rings!

 I loved using a Stalogy to let the creative juices flow, but I am pretty certain that I will always prefer rings!

I heard that Michael's had their Recollections binders on sale for $5.97, so I had to go by and pick up a couple (the butter-yellow was $6.97).  I've been thinking I would like to have a black, personal Moterm planner, but for now, this black planner checks all the buttons for me.  I am very frugal (cheap?) so getting these planners for more than half off makes me a little giddy.

I don't know about you, but setting up the planner is a big part of the fun also.  I already had some daily and monthly inserts that I created so that didn't take long at all. My week on 1-page insert is new, but I'm not sure I am digging it. 

My main sections are:  daily, weekly, monthly, projects, health, and food.  I also have a-z tabs in the back where everything else is filed (Christmas card lists, brain dump trigger list, review lists, recurring tasks lists - things like that).

I learned about the Getting Things Done method by watching Brandy Michelle Plan's early videos.  Check them out if you are interested!

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